Why Tanbridge

Choose a top K-9 private school that emphasizes a growth mindset in student academics, athletics and personal development.

Why Tanbridge Academy?

Every child deserves a school where they can reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond. At Tanbridge Academy, our entire school community is dedicated to providing each student with the resources they need to thrive in academics, athletics and personal growth.

Here are a few ways that Tanbridge stands out from the field:

Sports training built into school curriculum

Tanbridge provides students with strong academic programming in conjunction with enhanced athletic electives, including hockey, soccer, equestrian and dance, guided by professional coaches. Students also have flexible options for pursuing a sport or interest not currently featured at Tanbridge. Tanbridge students are very active and are introduced to a variety of sports throughout the year in addition to the standard Alberta P.E. curriculum.

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Passionate, caring teachers who know each student well

Tanbridge teachers use a variety of modalities to accommodate students’ unique learning styles. Having small class sizes allows students to benefit from increased one-on-one attention and tutorials. Teachers maintain frequent home/school communication, with five full reporting periods throughout the year. Parent-teacher meetings are available anytime by request.

Individual Education Plan for each student

Each Tanbridge student benefits from an Individual Education Plan, which they create with the guidance of teachers and parents. Short-term, long-term, academic and social goals are set, giving students measurable objectives and a roadmap for success.

Weekly leadership classes

This popular program was created and is facilitated by Principal Linda Choy, who takes time to personally teach every student at Tanbridge. Leadership classes are held weekly, and once a month, students have the opportunity to self-reflect on the Tanbridge Pillars of Tolerance, Ambition, Nobility, Balance, Inspiration, Diligence and Enthusiasm. Students also have the chance to participate in community and international service projects, which are important character-building components of a Tanbridge education.

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Tanbridge Academy feels like a family

We are a close-knit school community at Tanbridge. Students, their families and our entire school staff work together to create a dynamic, caring, educational environment where everyone is empowered to achieve their personal best.

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"It's a safe, understanding, flexible and very supportive network. I never worry about my child when they are at school, and I can actively see the development academically." - Tanbridge Parent