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Tanbridge Academy offers students a top-rated soccer program in one of the best private schools in Calgary, Alberta.




Tanbridge Academy offers a comprehensive skill development program for male and female students in Grades 4 through 9. Students are provided the opportunity to follow their passion by participating in three training sessions each week during regular school hours. Through this combination of rigorous academic and athletic programs, aspiring athletes are taught the skills necessary for success on and off the field.


Our Skill Development program is open to any student who is passionate about their sport, regardless of their current skill level. Athletes are exposed to expert coaching and instruction that allows them to improve their abilities and experience success.


Students in our Soccer program participate in high intensity training sessions that focus on dribbling, first touch, ball mastery, passing, defending and heading. In addition, students are exposed to tactical applications, group defending and team play. Students receive approximately 96 hours of technical soccer training per year. Training includes a strength and conditioning component. The program encourages well-rounded fitness by focusing on speed, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance (approximately 25 hours/year) and is taught by a professional strength and conditioning coach.

Our Director of Soccer, Nick Koev, has played, trained and coached soccer professionally for most of his adult life. After five years of professional play he held high-profile coaching positions in Bulgaria and Germany. He has trained players in Canada since 1998 and is currently the Academy Director of Calgary South West United Soccer Club. Nick has coached several players who’ve gone on to play professional soccer for elite clubs throughout Europe and around the world. Recently, two of Nick’s Tanbridge students were recruited to play in youth development programs in Italy and Portugal. Nick's students learn from a seasoned pro as they work to hone their tactical applications, group defending and team play skills in his soccer sessions.


We are proud of the commitment and success of our athletes. As a small school, we have had tremendous success in helping our students play at an elite level. Many former Tanbridge Academy students have excelled athletically following their development in our program. In addition to the countless players who have competed at an elite level in Calgary, several currently compete across North America and on NCAA soccer scholarships.

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Through school and sport, Tanbridge Academy fosters passionate leaders by inspiring integrity, perseverance and high expectations.

"I love the friendships! It's a close community with the support of classmates and teachers. I always feel comfortable at school."
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