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Tanbridge Academy provides students the best combination of academic and athletic skill development, all in a small class setting. Tanbridge Academy offers a range of educational services to students who have a desire to participate in a world-class sports skill development program and excel at grade-level curriculum when provided with comprehensive instruction that leads to the further development of independent and advanced learning strategies. Students will obtain a rigorous and demanding academic foundation as well as high-performance athletic training and skill development. The athletic training complements and enriches the community sport programs for our students. Students are exposed to a variety of athletic activities that help them develop as well-rounded athletes.

All Grades 4-9 students are given an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and participate in the Tanbridge Entrepreneur Fair. Speakers and workshops are incorporated into the leadership program to help students build and enhance and showcase their business plans.

We communicate with parents on a regular basis regarding their child’s academic performances. Each school year, parents receive five Report Cards and five Individualized Education Plans charting their child’s academic and social progress. Teachers use formative assessments at the beginning of the school year to determine where students are at academically with their reading fluency, writing, reading comprehension and math skills. Parents have an opportunity to meet with the teachers on a regular basis to discuss their child’s education.


Tanbridge Academy challenges its students in academics, athletics and personal growth. Students are given many opportunities to assume leadership roles in the school and the extended Tanbridge community. All students in Elementary take a Leadership class weekly. Students learn to develop responsibility, strong interpersonal skills, self esteem, initiative, creativity and independent skills. Through our Leadership program we focus on character development for our students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. We teach and help our students build positive leadership skills, resiliency skills, open communication, cooperation and problem solving skills. We help shape our students to be compassionate, honest, confident, empathetic and respectful students.


Tanbridge teachers create an exciting learning environment that supports the delivery of a demanding curriculum. They utilize the latest educational technology to support the delivery of the curriculum. The Tanbridge classroom is an active, hands-on environment designed to stimulate and challenge the students as individual learners. Through our academic programming, we teach our students to develop creativity, critical thinking, and the skillful use of current computer and digital technologies. All students are equipped with an iPad and students are exposed to many educational applications and programs to enhance and develop their learning. Some skills taught to students are: audio/video productions, graphic design, audio techniques, keynote presentations and photography.


Character building is a significant part of learning at Tanbridge Academy. We want our students to become strong leaders and be independent learners. Students are exposed to our Tanbridge Pillars. Students are taught to be: Tolerant, Ambitious, Noble, Balanced, Respectful, Inspiring, Diligent, Generous and Enthusiastic. A variety of activities and experiences are used to help students consolidate these principles/pillars.


Tanbridge Academy follows the Alberta Education Curriculum. In addition to our our athletics offerings and rigorous academic program in the core subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts, we offer several complementary courses that challenge students in other disciplines:

  • Art
  • Digital Media
  • Leadership
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Culinary Arts
  • Spanish
  • Outdoor Education
  • Music
  • Drama

Each student follows an Individual Education Plan, working toward short-term and long-term goals that they have set with the help of their teachers and parents.

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