Tara Ciezki - Tanbridge Academy
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Tara Ciezki

Grade 2 / Culinary Arts Teacher

Tara Ciezki first obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in general studies before graduating from the Bachelor of Education program at St. Mary’s University in Calgary. She initially joined Tanbridge as a substitute teacher before moving into her full-time position. Tara enjoys working at Tanbridge because she knows of the importance and benefits of sports while growing up. She grew up always balancing school with various sports, but her main love was always hockey. Outside of teaching, Tara enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, travelling, and playing hockey with her dad and brother.

After being fortunate enough to have teachers of her own that inspired her to love education, Tara herself chose to become a teacher, hoping to inspire others in the same way she was. She loves being able to create engaging lessons to make learning more enjoyable for her students. Seeing her students enjoy their learning has been an amazing experience for her. One of her favourite moments in teaching is when she gets to be a part of those moments when students start to understand a new concept and feel a sense of success. In her classroom, Tara enjoys working closely with students and learning about their interests outside of school. During many of her lessons, students are able to incorporate their own interests into their classwork. Tara also enjoys being able to teach the school’s culinary arts program. Every day she gets to experience students developing a love and passion for cooking, as well as being able to enjoy the food that they make themselves.

Tara has really enjoyed the opportunity to work at Tanbridge Academy. From her own experiences as a student-athlete, Tara enjoys working at Tanbridge and helping students find their own balance between sports and academics. She also believes the small class sizes at Tanbridge are invaluable. Her own experience of being part of small classes at university allowed her to create meaningful relationships with the teachers, which enhanced her learning tremendously. She is grateful for the opportunity to now have the chance to build these same meaningful relationships with her own students. Aside from the amazing students and programs that Tanbridge offers, Tara loves working with such a caring and supportive group of staff.

Tara Ciezki -  | Tanbridge Academy