Krystal Churcher - Tanbridge Academy
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Krystal Churcher

Junior Program Director

With a rich blend of academic expertise and practical experience, Krystal Churcher stands at the forefront of early childhood education and care. As a program director with a degree in special education and advanced training in behavioural psychology, she brings a unique perspective to the field of early learning. This is further enriched by professional certification in early childcare, which cements Krystal's commitment to fostering young minds.

The foundation of Krystal’s journey is the establishment of a private childcare centre, a testament to her innovative spirit. This centre is not just a place for care but a hub of learning, featuring a unique curriculum meticulously designed to cultivate social and emotional development in children.

As the chair of the Association of Alberta Childcare Entrepreneurs, Krystal plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of childcare in Alberta. Her advocacy is centred on promoting accessible, high-quality childcare, emphasizing the importance of parental choice in childcare decisions, and upholding the rights of children. These efforts have not only elevated the standards of childcare in the region but have also provided a voice to childcare entrepreneurs in policy-making arenas.

Krystal's expertise and passion for childcare have led her to the national stage. She has notably addressed both the Canadian Parliamentary and Senate committees, articulating the impact of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Childcare Program. Her insights during these sessions were instrumental in highlighting the nuances of childcare programs and their far-reaching effects on Canadian families and society.

In every aspect of her work, Krystal embodies the spirit of a leader, an innovator, and a staunch advocate for the betterment of early childhood education. Her vision continues to influence and shape the way children are nurtured and educated in the early stages of their lives. She has brought this vision to the development of the Junior Programs at Tanbridge Academy this fall.

Krystal Churcher -  | Tanbridge Academy