Justine Moon - Tanbridge Academy
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Justine Moon

Spanish Teacher

Justine Moon is an accomplished educator with a rich background in the arts and a passion for teaching. Born in Calgary, she had a culturally diverse childhood, living in various places such as New York, Madrid, California, Paris, Marseille and the United Kingdom. These experiences have broadened her perspective and deepened her appreciation for different cultures and languages.

Justine pursued her love for the arts by earning a Fine Arts degree from the University of Loughborough in the UK, where she also met her husband. Building on her artistic foundation, she decided to embark on a rewarding teaching career and completed her teaching degree at the University of Calgary.

Throughout her teaching journey, Justine has made valuable contributions to various school boards, including the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), Rundle Academy, and the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA). She has had the opportunity to teach in both full-time and substitute capacities, allowing her to adapt to diverse learning environments and connect with students of all backgrounds.

Specializing in languages, art, and culinary arts, Justine brings a unique blend of expertise to the classroom. Her French and Canadian heritage, combined with her global experiences, has influenced her love for cooking and appreciation for diverse culinary traditions. Her enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods create an engaging and inclusive classroom environment, inspiring students to embrace language learning. At Tanbridge, Justine will be sharing her passion for languages as she teaches Spanish.

Beyond the classroom, Justine cherishes her time spent with her husband, three children, and their beloved dog, Cash. They embark on exciting adventures together, exploring the natural beauty of the mountains.

She believes in nurturing the intellectual and creative growth of her students, empowering them to succeed in both academic and personal pursuits. With her dedication, expertise, and commitment to student growth, Justine is excited to join the Tanbridge community, fostering a love for learning and guiding her students toward their fullest potential.

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