Jeremy Ockey - Tanbridge Academy
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Jeremy Ockey

Equestrian Coach

Jeremy Ockey loves coaching and does it with passion. He is deeply committed to instilling in his students a genuine appreciation for the many positive benefits that riding offers both the horse and the rider. When he's not riding or coaching, you'll frequently find Jeremy enjoying outdoor activities with his friends and family.

Jeremy entered the equestrian world in Calgary at the age of eight, and today, he is the proud owner of Silver Haven EQ. With over eight years of coaching experience and an impressive 23-year background in riding and competition in equestrian jumping, Jeremy is a seasoned professional in the field.

His list of accomplishments is extensive, marked by numerous Champion and Reserve Champion awards earned in prestigious competitions over the past 23 years, frequently competing at heights of up to 1.40 meters. Some notable venues where Jeremy has showcased his remarkable skills include Spruce Meadows, Thunderbird Show Park, Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Milner Downs, and Thermal, CA.

Jeremy holds several certifications within the equestrian community, demonstrating his commitment to professional development. His certifications include Equine Canada English – Instructor, Equine Canada English – Rider Level 8, Equine Canada English – Jump Instruction Module, and the Alberta Equestrian Federation's NCCP Equestrian Theory Course.

As a member of the Federation Equine International and Equine Canada Platinum, Jeremy Ockey continues to make significant contributions to the equestrian world, sharing his expertise and passion for riding with students and fellow enthusiasts alike.

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