Jamieson Sawka - Tanbridge Academy
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Jamieson Sawka

Soccer Coach

Jamieson Sawka spent his entire youth playing soccer in Calgary, where he was born and raised. He started coaching the game at 17 years of age and joined Foothills Soccer Club in 2012, starting as a volunteer coach. Jamieson has enhanced his coaching ability through both the grassroots and academy programs at the club, where he was the previous Grassroots Coordinator. He then became an Academy Coach before the club appointed him as the full-time Performance Manager in September 2021, focused on optimizing player performance and development throughout the organization.

In addition to his experience in soccer, Jamieson holds an academic background that complements his practical experience. He earned a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (Hons) from Mount Royal University. Jamieson later pursued a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, building on his commitment to education and equipping him with the necessary pedagogical skills to effectively teach and mentor youth.

Jamieson’s passion for coaching and teaching youth extends beyond the soccer field. Drawing from his previous experience working for YMCA Calgary, he has developed and implemented curriculums in sports and recreation. With a particular focus on multiport, soccer, and basketball, Jamieson has contributed to the growth and development of young athletes in various disciplines. This expertise has proven invaluable in his current role at Foothills, where he manages the Video Analysis Program and the curriculum, ensuring the development of players both on and off the field throughout the youth academy, the Pro-Am League 1 and UWS teams he works with. He holds a Canada Soccer C license and recently completed his Canada Soccer Youth License. Jamieson is excited to join the Tanbridge community, bringing a developmental mindset into the soccer program.

Jamieson Sawka -  | Tanbridge Academy