Jami Scheirman - Tanbridge Academy
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Jami Scheirman

Educational Assistant

I'm a mother of two children, one of whom proudly attends Tanbridge Academy. For twelve years, I dedicated my time to being a stay-at-home parent to my two boys, during which I homeschooled them up to grade 3. This experience kindled my interest in early childhood literacy. Despite my educational background in accounting and business, my lifelong passion for reading and writing led me to consistently volunteer to teach young children to read.

My teaching style is unique yet highly effective. I use a personalized, phonics-based approach that has benefited many students. I'm delighted to share my knowledge of phonics, reading, and writing with students at Tanbridge Academy. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful community!

Jami Scheirman -  | Tanbridge Academy