Elena Murashova - Tanbridge Academy
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Elena Murashova

Early Childhood Education - Junior Academy

Elena, a St. Lawrence College, Ontario alumna, earned her diploma in early childhood education in 2016 and subsequently obtained her Master of Arts in Teacher of Art and Design. Her career began in Russia as a lead teacher at an elementary art school, where her young students showcased their talents in numerous European exhibitions. Elena focused on early childhood education after moving to Canada, demonstrating passion, love and creativity in her work.

In her personal life, Elena enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, Alex, and their two daughters, Vera and Anastasia. Their family adventures often include discovering new hiking trails, driving to uncharted locations, and cooking over an open fire.

From a young age, Elena felt drawn to teaching, often volunteering to assist with younger children during her school years. She channels her love for education into inspiring her students to embrace curiosity and engage in hands-on activities. Elena takes pride in crafting educational activities that not only cater to her students' interests but also seamlessly integrate academic skills. She often fondly recalls the inquisitive words of her students, asking, “What is new today for us?”

Being part of the Tanbridge team is a source of great joy for Elena. She values the family-like environment and support, feeling fortunate to work alongside passionate, inspired, and talented teachers and families. For Elena, every day at Tanbridge is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Elena Murashova -  | Tanbridge Academy