Alex Greaves - Tanbridge Academy
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Alex Greaves

Junior High Science & Elementary PE Teacher

Alex Greaves graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2012. Following his undergraduate degree, he worked as a strength and conditioning coach for several years before he set his sights on manual therapy. After graduating with honours as a registered massage therapist in 2016, he continued working with athletic populations, including travelling alongside the Chinese Olympic speed skating team. Realizing that coaching and teaching came most naturally to him, in 2020, Alex enrolled in the Bachelor of Education degree program. Midway through his studies, he and his wife welcomed their first child, a rambunctious baby boy who now occupies the majority of his time when he is not teaching.

Aside from spending time with his family, Alex can be found lifting weights, cycling, cross-country skiing, or cheering on the Minnesota Vikings. Alex has always been deeply involved with sports. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, he eventually focused on football, rugby, wrestling, and bobsleigh. This passion for sports is one of the many aspects that attracted him to Tanbridge Academy.

Alex feels he has found his purpose in life while teaching others. There is nothing he finds more rewarding than helping people find a passion for pursuing knowledge. He takes a lighter approach to teaching, often joking with his students and getting them to learn through experience as much as possible. He loves watching his students learn and seeing their excitement when they are able to overcome challenges. Alex is a lifelong learner, learning alongside his students. He uses the opportunity to teach new subject material as a way to build a deeper personal understanding. He wants his students to each feel their value and the importance of who they are and to learn that there is nothing wrong with not yet knowing something as long as they use it as an opportunity to grow. He strives to create a class environment where the students feel safe to be who they are. Alex hopes to inspire all his students and leave them with a desire to never stop learning.

Alex instantly felt at home when he started teaching at Tanbridge Academy. He was drawn to how welcoming and like-minded all the staff were, finding that regardless of the role a person had at the school, everyone was dedicated to creating an environment where students could succeed. Being new to the world of teaching, he is beyond grateful for the support he receives daily from the Tanbridge team, helping him grow and develop as a teacher. Alex believes working at Tanbridge has put him in the right situation to become the best teacher he can be. Through collaborating and working as a team to support each student in the best way possible, he is constantly reminded of how valuable a supportive team is. The sense of community he feels at Tanbridge brings him right back to his sports days when the team only worked when they worked together. This pushes him to never stop pursuing greatness.

Alex Greaves -  | Tanbridge Academy