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Junior Programs Savings Opportunities

We are excited to be able to have Tanbridge Junior Programs included in the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Childcare Program ($10-a-day program). In September 2023, our Junior Programs will be included in this program, and parents will have access to the affordability grant and subsidy supports.

AFFORDABILITY GRANTS (for children up to 5 years old)

New Affordability Grants ($10-a-day Daycare by 2026) are available to families registered in the Junior Academy and Junior Kindergarten Programs. A subsidy is also available to parents who qualify.


Alberta and Canada's governments have signed an agreement to reduce childcare fees in half for parents with kids zero to kindergarten age starting in early 2022 and reach an average of $10 a day childcare by 2025-26.

Beginning in January 2022, the Government of Alberta began issuing an affordability grant to ALL families of children not yet in grade 1 or higher, regardless of income. You do not have to apply for this grant. Tanbridge Junior Programs submits for it each month based on your child’s attendance. This grant is provided to families registered for 50 or more hours per month.


Starting in September 2023, parents in the Junior Programs can expect to see a reduction in fees to reflect the affordability grant amounts. *There is a minimum requirement of attendance in a program for 50 hrs per month*


On top of the grant, parents of children in one of the Junior Program that make less than $180,000 per year can apply for an additional subsidy. If you have a dual-parent household, both parents need to be working or schooling to be considered.

Please note that subsidy is based on actual hours used, and the full amount they show is based on 100 hours of attendance. If coming less, it could be pro-rated.

Please visit Child care subsidy | Alberta.ca for details and information. To learn if you qualify for subsidy and apply, please click here Child care subsidy | Alberta.ca

For all subsidy inquiries, contact:

Child Care Subsidy, Alberta Supports Contact Centre P.O. Box 1641, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2N9 Phone: 1-877-644-9992 E-mail: css.childsubsidy@gov.ab.ca