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Junior Programs

Why Tanbridge Academy?

Every child deserves a place where they can reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond. At Tanbridge Junior Programs, our entire community is dedicated to providing each student with the resources they need to thrive in academics, athletics and personal growth.

Here are a few ways that our Tanbridge Junior Programs stand out from the field:

  • Award-winning program
  • Sports training built into the curriculum
  • Passionate, caring educators who know each student well
  • Weekly leadership classes
  • Strong sense of school community and family feel
  • Focus on fostering emotional intelligence and social development

Register for one of our award-winning junior programs located at one of Calgary’s top private schools. Your child will benefit from small class sizes, certified Early Childhood Educators and individualized learning plans that will meet their developmental level and learning needs. All children are required to be potty trained as per health regulations.

child with blocks at his desk

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program is designed to introduce children to more advanced academic and learning concepts that will be their learning foundation when they move into kindergarten. The goal of the Junior Kindergarten program is to strengthen independence, enhance social development and increase emotional intelligence.

This program is offered for 4-5 year old children.
Classes run full days from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

You can choose from: (priority will be given to 5 full-day registrations)
$14,950.00 - 5-Day Option, Monday to Friday
$13,755.00 - 4-Day Option, Monday to Thursday
$10,765.00 - 3-Day Option, Tuesday to Thursday

The academic basis for the program is to introduce students to the key fundamentals:

Math - number recognition up to 20, quantifying, sequencing, recognizing common shapes and pattern recognition, sorting and classifying objects by colour, size, and shape

Literacy - letter recognition, name recognition and printing, letter sounds, introduction to high-frequency words (sight words)

Language - enhancing vocabulary, predicting and re-telling story sequences, phonic skills, including letter and sound recognition, developing early writing skills using letters, lines, and symbols, introduction to sight words, and sentence structure

Science - measurement and comparison, observing life cycles, planting and gardening, experimentation with various materials and methods

Leadership - problem-solving skills, developing conflict resolution skills, understanding appropriate behaviour and social cues, developing independence, self-confidence, self-efficacy, emotional regulation and empathy

Tanbridge Junior Programs value physical activity and sport. Students will participate in daily physical activity and have the opportunity to play a variety of sports throughout the year, which may include cooperative sports, soccer, yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and basketball. Weekly, students will have access to our drama, music, and leadership programs.