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Shauna Ockey


Shauna Ockey

Shauna founded Tanbridge Academy in 2007 for her son and seven boys to focus on education and hockey during the school day. Originally, the school was to run for one year for grade six students, with the boys moving on to other schools for junior high. During this year, there was tremendous interest in the school. Therefore, instead of ending after grade six, Shauna created a non-profit organization and established Tanbridge Academy as a private school, where she serves as president and board chair.

Shauna has a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the importance of education and the social and emotional development of students of all ages. As a former pediatric registered nurse, Shauna has a great appreciation and knowledge of children. She also taught workshops for the International Institute of Professional Protocol at Brigham Young University, where she shared her expertise on etiquette and communication skills.

Shauna has gained a comprehensive view of how education and character development can positively affect students through her work with Brigham Young University Hawaii students in their Entrepreneurship and Business programs. She currently serves on the Business Advisory Board for the Enactus Program at BYUH, where she coaches and mentors hundreds of students, helping them improve their lives and the lives of others through social entrepreneurship. Shauna and her husband are members of the Genuine Gold Society Philanthropists and have had the opportunity for over 25 years to provide scholarships for students, mostly from the Pacific Rim developing countries, to attend post-secondary education at BYUH.

Under Shauna and Principal Linda Choy’s leadership, Tanbridge Academy has grown significantly, both in terms of the number of students and the range of opportunities the school provides. Using the Tanbridge pillars as a guide, they have never lost sight of their initial objective: to provide a high-quality, inclusive education that fosters character, leadership, and sport development.

Tanbridge Academy is now operating in their 16th year, Shauna is proud of her talented team and the care and attention they bring to the school environment. The school has grown over the years, yet it still retains the same community feel and a shared, caring environment for all.

Shauna is honoured that many families have chosen Tanbridge to educate their children. The Tanbridge team takes this responsibility very seriously and strives to provide a high standard of education with a warm, welcoming culture. Shauna would like to welcome families who would like to share in the educational experience at Tanbridge Academy.


Shauna Ockey