Mathew Dunn - Tanbridge Academy School Teacher

Mathew Dunn



Matty Dunn is driven and inspired to provide an exceptional level of sport and academics through his teaching talents. Matty holds a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and English from the University of Alberta in Edmonton and has taught for the past two years in the public system. As a Physical Ed specialist, he has been involved in coaching many sports throughout his teaching career as well as officiated soccer for CISAA the past six seasons. He is excited to continue that tradition at Tanbridge Academy and looks to be involved with many of the sports throughout the year. This year, Matty is teaching our grade four and eight students.

When he is not teaching, Matty plays soccer and racket sports and also enjoys adrenaline activities such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping and snowboarding. Aside from sport related activities, he is a voracious reader/writer and tries to get out to the mountains as much as possible.