Lisa Wickwire - Tanbridge Academy School Teacher

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Lisa Wickwire Dance Instructor


Lisa grew up in Calgary as a competitive dancer and moved to Toronto at 18 to pursue theatre, where she graduated as class president from the Randolph College for the Performing Arts. She has taught and performed all over the world and is excited to share her love of the theatre with the students at Tanbridge. Lisa’s students have gone on to Randolph & AMDA (L.A/NY) and have won competitive dance awards in Sacramento, San Francisco and nationals in Las Vegas. Lisa served as Artistic Director for the Calgary Dance Express for 3 years, taking the troupe to perform in Spain, Portugal, France (Disney Paris), Italy and, of course, the Calgary Stampede! She is well known in the Calgary dance circle, having done several residencies at Calgary schools, leisure centers and taught and choreographed at many local studios. She currently teaches tap and directs a popular musical theatre program in Calgary. Lisa loves travelling, crafting, cooking and spending time with her daughter, husband, family and friends.