Linda Choy - Tanbridge Academy School Principal

We have the best principal who emphasizes developing a positive educational framework for teachers, staff, and students, making Tanbridge one of the top private schools in Calgary.

Linda Choy School Principal


Linda Choy is the Principal at Tanbridge Academy. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be an educator for close to 28 years and has a remarkable way of working with families. Prior to joining Tanbridge, she was a teacher and an administrator at Calgary Academy for 19 years. Linda also travelled to the United States to train teachers in a variety of study strategies and teaching techniques.

Linda's greatest strengths are her leadership skills, her passion for teaching students and building strong connections with her teaching staff. Kind, gentle and approachable, Linda strives to ensure that her students reach their full academic, athletic and social potential.

Linda holds her Bachelor of Education degree. She has two boys and in her free time enjoys boxing, road biking, running and playing basketball.