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Our Basketball Program

Tanbridge Academy offers students a top-rated basketball program in one of the best private schools in Calgary, Alberta, with a comprehensive skill development program for all students in grades 4 through 9. Students are provided the opportunity to follow their passion by participating in three training sessions each week during regular school hours. Through this combination of rigorous academic and athletic programs, aspiring athletes are taught the skills necessary for success on and off the court.

Our Philosophy

Our Skill Development program is open to any student who is passionate about their sport, regardless of their current skill level. Athletes are exposed to expert coaching and instruction that allows them to improve their abilities and experience success.

hockey coach with student on ice


Students in the basketball program will learn and develop the fundamental skills needed to be productive members of any basketball team. In each session, athletes will participate in skill-specific drills to improve their confidence and effectiveness on the court. Through scrimmages and video analysis, students will learn the rules, concepts, and strategies that apply to in-game situations.

Our program emphasizes the importance of teamwork and character development to help our students become better athletes and better people. By setting high standards, providing constructive feedback, and encouraging players to take responsibility for their actions on and off the court, at Tanbridge, we strive to help our students to become the best version of themselves.

Our athletic director and basketball coach, Oskar Kasiuk, is an experienced teacher and coach with a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. After playing and coaching in Ontario, Oskar moved abroad to Qatar and the Netherlands, where he taught and coached at various international schools. During this time, Oskar participated in training sessions with the QBF, the top-tier men’s basketball league in Qatar and Jr. NBA. Oskar enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with athletes who are committed to developing themselves on and off the court.

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