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About Tanbridge Academy

Emphasizing academics, athletics and personal development, one of the best private schools in Calgary was created. Tanbridge Academy was established in 2007 to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines strong academic programming and enhanced athletic electives.

From day one, Tanbridge Academy has been committed to outstanding educational experiences that promote high levels of academic achievement, athletic skill development, sportsmanship and personal character.

Our entire school community embraces a philosophy that nurtures the profound connection between physical activity and learning. Sports training during the day has proven to be an exceptional energizing factor for academic learning – which has been our focus since we began.

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Message from Mrs. Linda Choy, School Principal

We live in both exciting and challenging times and nowhere is this truer than in the field of education. As we strive to innovate, we are also constantly mindful of the deep roots which we have in our community and the wealth of values that form an integral part of what we stand for. Tanbridge Academy has served the local community for more than 15 years with distinction, passion, and enthusiasm. Our excellent reputation is based on our high academic standards, the compassion shown to all students, and the safe, disciplined environment in which students are holistically educated by passionate, well-qualified teachers. The hallmarks of our offering include a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to exceptional quality in the classroom and in the field of co-curricular activity. A Tanbridge Academy alumnus enters the world of High School education not only as one who is fully equipped to meet the demands placed on them but also has the emotional maturity and social awareness to interact constructively with others and to contribute to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. At Tanbridge Academy, our students are members of a family of learning where they experience tradition and are also taught to succeed. At Tanbridge Academy our measure of success isn’t always in awards and trophies, sometimes the measure of success is most noticeable in the efforts of humanity, community and caring. It is a great honour to welcome you to Tanbridge Academy. We are dedicated to forging a new generation of future leaders.

Linda Choy

School Principal

Teaching tomorrow’s leaders today

The weekly leadership class program was created and is facilitated by Principal Linda Choy, who takes time to personally teach every student at Tanbridge. Leadership classes are held weekly, and once a month, students have the opportunity to self-reflect on the Tanbridge Pillars of Tolerance, Ambition, Nobility, Balance, Inspiration, Diligence and Enthusiasm. Students also have the chance to participate in community and international service projects, which are important character-building components of a Tanbridge education.

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