Private K-9 School in Calgary Area - Tanbridge Academy
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Welcome to Tanbridge Academy

An Unparalleled Experience

Tanbridge Academy propels students toward excellence in academics, sports, and character development. Individualized, comprehensive instruction in the classroom and beyond unleashes potential and empowers students. Our focus on the Tanbridge Pillars—tolerance, ambition, nobility, balance, respect, inspiration, diligence, generosity and enthusiasm—forges character and leadership qualities in our students. At Tanbridge Academy, our entire school community is dedicated to providing each student with the resources they need to thrive.

Your place at Tanbridge

We cultivate a “home-away-from-home” environment based on leadership values. Our school nurtures and cherishes a child’s potential and celebrates academic and personal development and success. We provide a safe environment in which children can flourish to reach their full potential. We treat everyone, no matter their association with the school, with dignity and respect. The school community builds relationships with all stakeholders to encourage open and transparent communication. We want everyone who enters the building to experience the warmth of Tanbridge.

Outside of Tanbridge Academy Building

We’re building excellence in sport from the inside out

At Tanbridge, we believe in the power of positive sports experiences to develop the confidence, leadership, teamwork, and mental resiliency skills, which are essential for success throughout life.

The main goal of the program is to give students an opportunity to express themselves and develop both inside and outside the classroom while also enhancing social skills and mental health. Through our Sports program, we aim to encourage our children to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In addition to empowering future leaders, we strive to provide a platform to build supportive and meaningful friendships that last beyond sports.

This is our second year at Tanbridge Academy.  The small classes and passionate teachers have made it the perfect fit for our three children.  They are very different learners, and each of them is supported and challenged in just the right way to make them successful academically.  On top of the individualized academic support, we love that there is a physical portion to every day.  They aren’t expected to sit at a desk all day, every day, which we believe is beneficial to their mental health too.

As parents, we love the welcoming atmosphere, small class sizes, weekly communication and detailed report cards.  Our children love the family feel, the hockey and dance programs, the unique hands-on learning experiences they receive and, as our kindergartener says when asked what the best part of her day was, an enthusiastic “everything”!


Sharlene &
Ryan Lailey


We have been having our girls attend Tanbridge for these last 2 years. We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity for our girls. They have loved to be a part of the equestrian program. Riding horses three times per week is my kids' dream. We are grateful that we can give them this gift in their lives. Being active is so important for kids in their development and learning, and they get this daily at Tanbridge with their sport, gym classes and even school sports teams.

For us, as the parents, the best parts are the amazing teachers, small class sizes and the amazing ongoing communication. I don’t have to wonder what they are learning or if they have homework. I get updated by their teachers weekly on what they have been studying and where they should be. The teachers are the very best. It truly is a culture in this school to deeply care about each student. This is shown by everyone, principals, administration and the teachers. We are so happy to be a part of Tanbridge.

Kamille &
Paul Gainor


We are so pleased with our decision to send our son to Tanbridge Academy. It is evident how much his teachers are people that deeply love education, are serious and committed to helping shape the lives of young people and are doing their best to deliver the best possible educational experience they can. Keigan has connected to each one of his teachers, and his love for learning has flourished! We appreciate the regular parent-teacher conferences, social events that get the entire family and staff to know one another, and number of regular initiatives to get parents more actively involved in their child’s learning experience. The small class size, opportunities for small group and 1:1 support have helped his confidence increase in all subject areas. The hockey program is also a bonus! It was the best decision we made for Keigan.


Rebecca &
Darcy George